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Lauren's complaint against Pockit

Lauren Andrews


[LAPSED] Account disabled with no explanation

Complaint against Pockit

Last Tuesday I as she to receive my child benefit which isn't much income. But I have to provide for my two children (one child whom suffers a life threatening illness) therefore it is essential that I receive this money in order to provide essentials for their needs.I couldn't get into my account to make querie as to why this has happened? And also could not afford to buy credit for my phone to ring customer services and emailing them is absolutely hurrendous as I hear nothing for several days. I have always had problems with pockit and now it is the second week and I can't access my account at all and have not received two weeks payments . Me and my children have had to suffer because of their ridiculous service. I have been with this bank for over two years and they have asked on many occasions to provide i.d..(when I have already provided it to them,therefore it should be filed on their sysyem .(as I have got more important things to be doing than emailing/phoning them all day long for money what is mine! I am a carer to my brothers and my own children whom one is disabled and my brothers have just lost their/MY mother to suicide.I just don't need e stress of this therefore I have changed my money over to another account as I've had enough of spending most of my year on the phone to pockit !!! But I have now lost two weeks of my income who they have got and won't let me access my account. Please cloud you help me? x

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Lapsed. Lauren has not responded in 90 days

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Alice Smith | | VERIFIED

Hello Lauren Andrews, As Pockit offers a financial services product, we’re obliged to carry out this validation process to meet our regulatory requirements, but we know it can be frustrating if something goes wrong. If you could contact us via email to [email protected] or via telephone on 020 3322 9170. Thank you for your patience. The Pockit Team
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