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Nicola 's complaint against Pockit

Nicola Farry


Account under review

Complaint against Pockit

I have had my Pockit account for at least 3 years, all fully verified. Today I transferred £50 from my husbands bank account and also deposited £241 via Asda Paypoint, once I arrived home I tried to make a £50 payment and got declined, I then decided to log into my account to check my balance only to receive the message "you are unable to access your account whilst it's under review" I was given no warning and haven't even had an email stating its even under review and their terms and conditions state that they will contact you. I ain't messing around with these after seeing these complaints, I'm straight onto the Financial ombudsman. This is abuse of power and have no reason to suspend my account, I regularly use my husbands bank account to bacs and I only ever use the same paypoint, where is the suspicious activity? Avoid, once I'm sorted I'm outta their pockit for good.

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Ian Quinlan | | VERIFIED

Heres a guide to hopefully help anyone in same situation that's been had by pockit Register with resolver.co.uk they put a complaint in with pocket and allow 20 days till you can get the deadlock letter you'll need for ombudsman its free. Register your complaint with the financial ombudsmen its free. Go to gov.uk money claims to put your claim in this will cost you£105 but it gets added to claim w

Nicola Farry | | VERIFIED

This is exactly what I did and everything was resolved within a week. Account was unlocked and funds available. However I must emphasise to why this happened. Pockit do not like Gambling, so if you are using the card simply for Gambling they will block it.

Ian Quinlan | | VERIFIED

How far did you get in the procedure before pockit let you back into your account ?

Nicola Farry | | VERIFIED

It took about 7 days to get back into my account.

Ian Quinlan | | VERIFIED

Sorry i ment how far in the procedure of reporting them to the financial ombusmen and starting a small claim against them before they unlocked your account ?

Nicola Farry | | VERIFIED

Ian it didn't even go that far, I simply started the Resolver.co.uk, I attached the requested identification stated in pockits account review email. Within 7 days it was rectified. My suspended account was down to using the card for Gambling (Online Bingo) I have to say I didn't use it all the time for Bingo, I paid for holidays and certain bills but they still locked the account.
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