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Tanith's complaint against Pockit

Tanith Rutherford


Cash cards not sent; left with no money for two weeks so far.

Complaint against Pockit

My card went missing, I reported it and Pokit apparently issued another one, which also did not turn up; we are now on the third, which is now late and I have had no money all this time. The post is not the problem as another bank card has turned up , along with all other post.This has taken the best part of two weeks during which time I have called repeatedly and been told that all I can do is wait and wait while they send out cards and eventually one might turn up. I asked if my money could be transferred into another account, as I need it urgently and they refuse to do this- for some reason you cannot transfer money yourself unless you have your card- There is no one higher up you can talk to, the call center staff clearly do not have a clue how to resolve anything and I am just fobbed off again and again with varying degrees of politeness. Now I just wish to close my accound and have my funds transferred, and they are saying I still will not get my money for 10 working days

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