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Sean's complaint against Pockit

Sean Grehan


Pockit stole my money and blocked me

Complaint against Pockit

Pockit blocked my account the day money was put i to the account 924 went into the account from buildbase as a refund for materials they coukdnt not get for me they gave me my money back soni could get them at another store well i forgot my wallet and the oocket xard had come that morning i took it woth me to read it well when the merchant said we dont have enough xadh tonoay you can you give me a card i had forgot my wallet but had this pocket card so said this just came today he loaded the money on the card nothing showed on the app untill the next day then it gets bkocked and sarcastic employes who font want to help hust say ur accounts under review and i cant access ot Funny tho how they have all your details then ask for proofs of id so i send my passport and driving licenxe of Not they wint reoly at all n xant get thru on the ohone £924 down and the scammers have my private infomation where am i ment to go from here I need that money this is going to send me under

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Lee Geordie | | VERIFIED

make a formal complaint via email then after 15 days the financial ombudsman will step in contact resolve.co.uk also and complain these scumbags need closed down they have £7000 of my money.
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