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Eileen's complaint against Pockit

Eileen Dunworth


Pockit Withholding Money

Complaint against Pockit

I opened an account with Pockit and once there was over a £1000 in my account they suspended the account asking for ID verification which I sent. They continue to ask for more verification and I am certain it is just to delay things while they hold my cash. When you consider a typical Pockit user is a low income person dependent on funds this is a disgrace. This practice could cause real hardship on individuals. I have still not had my issue resolved but they will not get away with it as soon I will issue a small claim against them

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George Tansey | | VERIFIED

Take them to small claims court. Its very easy Also complain to Wirecard solutions who are their licencee. Copy in financial services ombudsman. I took them to small claim and it was the only way I was going to get my money back. If your daunted visit Citizens advice. DONT LET THEM AWAY WITH IT.

Adam Smith | | VERIFIED

support us shut pockit down https://www.facebook.com/groups/744066085929310/
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