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Vampyr's complaint against Pockit

Vampyr Engel



Complaint against Pockit

THESE DAMN ANIMALS MESS UP MY BENEFITS I FINALLY GOT my P.I.P benefit payments because I have messed up kidneys and loads of other health problems and we finally get the payment s AND THESE RATS WENT AND DECLINED MY PAYMENTS THESE DISGUSTING RATS COULDN'T STEAL IT SO THEY DECLINED IT INSTEAD THESE FILTHY VERMIN I didn't quite getting to shutting my account down ans I have to spend ages getting everything moved , only recently got other stuff moved to a different account and THESE WALKING PIECES OF SLIME SIMPLY DENY MONEY I NEEDED FOR MONTHS NOW , DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THESE RATS SHUT YOUR ACCOUNTS DOWN NOW OR AS SOON AS YOU CAN THESE ARE NOTHING BUT CROOKS AND THIEVING SUBHUMANS

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Lee Geordie | | VERIFIED

make a formal complaint via email then after 15 days the financial ombudsman will step in contact resolve.co.uk also and complain these scumbags need closed down they have £7000 of my money.
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