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Lilly-jo's complaint against Lloyds Bank

Lilly-jo Cullen


Being tricked by Lloyds into my charge laden bank account

Complaint against Lloyds Bank

As a teen going into the Lloyds bank branch to open my account, I made it clear I did not want ANY overdraft whatsoever. Lloyds kindly agreed at the time and even congratulated me on my wise request. I have however since been shoulder deep in overdraft fees which was completely without warning and unexplained. After writing to Lloyds, I received a four page response with filled with jargon and patronising comments. I responded with evidence to prove I have just lost my job and myself and my family are about to be kicked out of our home to show "financial hardship" only to receive a letter which more or less said "Too bad." UNETHICAL UNFAIR TRICKERY PATRONISING SPITEFUL

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