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House insurance rip off

Complaint against Lloyds Bank

In 2011 Lloyds bank convinced my 89 yr old mum to switch house insurance from the co op to Lloyds as it would be cheaper. She now pays £625 per year for a 2 bed semi I've only just found this out has i now have full power of attorney due to mum suffering from Altziemers for the last 9 years. On examining the policy i found they had been charging her for a detached property. Lloyds suggested that mum should have read the policy when taking it out and every year before renewal . I explained mum had progressive altziemers and therefore would not be able to understand anything like that , she barely knows her family . It made no difference to there response they said although they did make a mistake regarding the type of property being insured it was still down to my mum .Lloyds have since offered £500 in compensation which i have refused , i did a quote online it came to £96 with LLOYDS what a company they are !!!!!!

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