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Jim's complaint against Lloyds Bank

Jim McKay


No Vantage with Lloyds

Complaint against Lloyds Bank

In November 2011, Lloyds Bank enticed me to take out an additional Current Account under the Vantage label paying higher interest and being fee less if I put in so much a month and assigned two direct debits to it. Too good to be true! Now the Bank has decided to withdraw Vantage - but cunningly it will leave the account open with no interest, because in doing so it will not have to do anything about the Direct Debits attached. It is up to me to contact the creditors if I want to change or keep sufficient money in the account to pay the debits if I leave them there. So - double whammy - no more interest that we promised to entice you to take out the account and by the way we cant deal with the Direct Debits because they are direct agreements between you and your creditors. Lucky you - we will not be charging you a fee for the account, which we do for your alternative - a Club Lloyds Account.

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