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Janet's complaint against Lloyds Bank

Janet wiseman


Paying £10 A month for bank account I couldn't cancel

Complaint against Lloyds Bank

I took our a package bank account about 2 years ago and then up graded to the silver account as I was told that I would then ha e breaknown cover for 2 cars if I added my husband in so did only to realise afterwards the breakdown was not of any use to me as I was paying for AA breakdown the bank made this all sound very convenient and afterwards when I wanted to cancel in branch I was then told me and my husband would need to be present do do so which was impossible Ias I tried yo explain he worked mon to Friday and myself shift I was then giving a phone number and told to phone if I wanted to cancel which again was not convenient as every time I tried I was on the phone for 20 mins with still no answer in which I had to hang up due to my commitments working 40 hours a week shift work and having 2 children again I went into the branch and explained I wanted to cancel but couldn't so therefore I was paying £10 A month for something I didn't want. I am now on maternity leave so have managed to cancel my silver account after 45 mins on the phone and also asked if I could claim all the £10 for a package bank account that I habe never claimed or used any of the so called benifits I was told no I claiming the money back but was also told that it was last year I had been giving a phone number to cancel but explained I could not stay on the phone that long due to workinvite full time and having 2 kids

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