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Renewed Policy Without Authorisation - Swinton

Complaint against Swinton Insurance

I had insurance with Swinon which was supposed to end in October. I received a call from one of their sales persons, who presented me with a quote. I told that person that I wasnt happy with that quote and would not be continuing with that the current policy if they cant match the quote i had received from a competitor. The person asked me what i wanted to do with the current policy to which i replied i would not like to renew it and told him if I ever reconsider I would let you guys know. To which he said when I could get back I said I needed time And he said should I put the policy for cancellation now or wait for me to call back to which I said Just put it for cancellation. And he confirmed the same to me on the phone. Then I received no correspondence from them and I had already got an insurance from a competitor. I had expected that swinton would have discontinued my insurance after the end date, but they renewed it without even asking me. I cancelled the direct debit from my account recently because I was clearing all my old direct debits. I got a letter in the post today form them about it and this is the first time i realised that you guys had renewed my insurance without telling me. So i called them on the number mentioned on the letter and spoke to Francis, who sounded like he was interrogating me, but insisted that he wasnt. He kept going in circles and kept telling me that Swinton renewed because I hadnt called back, to which I told him that I didnt have to as I had told the sales person to let the policy cancel. But he didnt want to listen and continued rambling about policies. I dont know what to do.. Even though I had done the right thing I feel like im being victimised.

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