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Henry's complaint against Paysafecard

Henry Henry


Blocked Card

Complaint against Paysafecard

I bought a EUR 25 card from Paysafe vendor. It was blocked, I contacted the vendor and they informed me and redirected me to paysafecard since 16/09/2017. Today is 29/09/2017 and every since the card was blocked, I have been frustrated trying to get hold of someone. They asked for my ID, proof of purchase and the details of what I was trying to purchase prior to the block. I have supplied all this information but to no avail. It seems that no one is handling things appropriately, the who paysafe team are nothing but a rigmarole, they will reply to your email 5 days later and tell you to write your full name, you will reiterate that, but you had already given them your full statement. Isn't this a clear nonsense ?? Added to my frustration, every email takes 3 days to get a response, but the idiot who will reply, does not have any idea what you had written in the last 5 emails, he/she will stupidly ask you to clarify how he/she may help. You will calmly inform again and reinstate the obvious and then wait for 3 extra frustrating and indecisive days. Isn't this frustrating enough ? I have far back completed the transaction i was supposed to complete with paysafecard, I only ask them to refund my money to my debit card, because they are of no use to me and will never smell a cent of mine. I will post this everywhere for people to be aware of what awaits them, should they decide to embark on this egregious journey of brouhaha. Your frustrated Henry.

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