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billy's complaint against Paysafecard

billy bird


paysafe card sold me a voucher then when i used it they said it had already been credited

Complaint against Paysafecard

i bought a voucher for 100 pounds and when i got home and tried to use it, it said this voucher has already been credited. i then tried to contact them and could not find a support number anywhere on google, apparently the only way to contact them is via email. personally i think thats a bit odd but i sent them an email anyway. it then took them over 24 hours to reply to my email and all it said was please reply to this email with the pin number, so i sent a reply sending the pin number, it then took them another 24 hours to reply back again, this time i was shocked to receive an email saying please reply to this email and send us the serial number on the voucher, it also said dont send the pin via email as it may get compromised, so why in the first email ask me for the pin in the first place. so anyway i replied back sending the serial number and asked if im not supposed to send the in why ask for it in the first email. its now been around 36 hours and im still to receive a reply back. i think the customer service is an absolute joke, what if i was needing to send this money to somebody in an emergency and its taken over 4 days now and im still no closer to getting it resolved than i was after i sent the first email. they should have a contact phone number or at the very least a 24 hour live chat facility so we can contact them same day and have our issue resolved same day. the absolute worst customer service iv ever had the displeasure of dealing with ever

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