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amanda's complaint against Paysafecard

amanda sorgucu


Paysafe locked pin

Complaint against Paysafecard

I purchase paysafe reguarly and always use them on the same websites. Last night i purchased 2 paysafe cards £175 each totalling £350, i used some of the funds on each pin and had a remaining £25 on one and £75 on the other, when i went to use them it said an error occured on both of them and to contact paysafe. I phoned paysafe who told me the pins had been locked and they would need to forward it to their security team, they couldnt tell me why they had been blocked and they told me it would be sorted in 2 days which clearly i was not happy about, i asked to speak to a manager i was told there was no manager available. They advised me they would email me asking me a couple of questions, i recieved the email and it was not a couple of questions, i had to send pictures of my id with the paysafe vouchers also in the picture, explain where i purchased the paysafe vouchers (even though it clearly states this on top of the reciept) and a few other questions about where i used them and where i was when i used them??!! I answered all of that last night and telephoned them this morning to find out what was happening. I spoke to a man who checked my reference number and told me it has been passed to the security team, I am aware of this but im looking to find out an update, he told me he had no update there was nothing he could tell me and also there was no specific timeframe to when this would be sorted, bearing in mind the lady i spoke to last night told me 2 days. I again asked to speak to a manager to be told his manager would not be able to help so he would not allow me to speak to his manager, i then asked to speak to the security team and he told me the security team do not have a telephone. He was extremely unhelpful and when i asked how i make a complaint he said he would log my complaint on my reference number, how he can do this without me actually making the complaint and hearing what i want to complain about puzzles me.

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