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Christina's complaint against More Than

Christina West


Pet Insurance

Complaint against More Than

When the policy started 10 years ago I paid £70 excess. When my dog became 8 they added another excess on top which meant £70 and then 20% towards the rest of the claim. The premium has been rising. As my dog reached 10 the monthly premium increased to £128.92 and the excesses stayed the same. I have received renewal papers for her 11th year and the monthly premium increased to £212.00 which I managed to lower to £199 a month because she had been microchipped. My yearly premium went from £1548 to £2549. Who could afford this kind of payment. I know I have had a bad claims year this year but even so I informed them that I am a pensioner with just a dog who will be 11 at renewal but they just do not care. How can a monthly premium increase from £128 (which in itself is extremely high) to £199. Something is just not right. They have also doubled the excess to £150 a month. Apparently one of the reasons they have done this is because Vet bills are extremely high in the South London area. I would like someone to look into this because there are no concessions here at all. I have been loyal for ten years and they offer no discounts for loyalty at all. Has my pension increased to cover an increase of this degree. Not at all

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