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Julia's complaint against NTF Financial Solutions

Julia Sawyer


Inventing an amount outstanding

Complaint against NTF Financial Solutions

I finished my IVA spring last year and this company came up with an amount out of the blue saying I earned more the year before so I would have to pay this, I struggled for 5 years to pay this £170 per month because after I took it out it made my mortgage go up substantially because of my situation it is strange with these companies the less you have the more they want( greedy) and they never ever took that into consideration as at the beginning they decided that (other people were dealing with it then) that £170 was what I could afford, and strangely enough they are even selling some of my accounts to other companies so I have them chasing me now, I think they are totally out of order and the Financial Ombudsman need to look into their practices.

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Julia Sawyer | | VERIFIED

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Julia Sawyer | | VERIFIED

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