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Anita's complaint against NTF Financial Solutions

Anita kirk


My IVA are not forthcoming with charges or funds from PPI. payouts. pulse much more...

Complaint against NTF Financial Solutions

Hi, my IVA are not accepting payments made to the company who set up the iva, although i have paperwork asking me to do this. At the start they looked for ppi that came back i did"nt have any, so i looked myself and was told by another company that i had, receiving a substantial payout, but the company that were successful had to put late charges on, as they were payed late. there is still a payout that has not been calmed from 2015, so late charges again to be added. (who pays for this if my iva are not dealing with it correctly ). The amount of ppi is around £12,000, plus monthly payments at the end of the IVA after 6 years I would have made payments of approximately £ 32,000. My original dept was only £17,900..so can they still put a clause on the end asking all future ppi and other payments go to them... Meany thanks ...

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