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Gary's complaint against Nationwide

Gary Wang


Look elsewhere for a Professional Bank / building society! NOT Nationwide!

Complaint against Nationwide

Nationwide Building society Your Customers Deserve Much better! I had reason to Phone Nationwide Customer service again, it is Always hit and miss situation whether or not You’ll get an appropriate, Professional, Respectful response? I could not access my On-line Nationwide bank account and the information assumed by the ‘Customer service’ staff was Wrong! After trying in vain to clarify the point I was met with indifference, talking over me and then the ‘customer service’ terminated the call Literally put the phone down on me! I had to call up again go through the lengthy system requirements and wait for another ‘customer service’ personal answer and more security questions only to find that the ‘customer service’ person did not know her job and had to put me on hold to ask someone else! I was finally given the simple answer! Because the whole experience was distressful and upsetting to a mature ill man and Not wishing for a repeat of this to any other customer I contacted the Financial Ombudsman and a thorough investigation took place where the phone calls were listened too and the Financial Ombudsman Investigator who did such a professional job found in my favour informing the Nationwide Building society of the clear reasons why, and awarding me £50 as a token compensation for all the time and distress it created. Sadly Nationwide Building society it appears chose to ignore the Independent Professional advice of the financial Ombudsman Investigations and Pay me that small (to them) token reward of £50 to-date. My Advice if Ever Your Require a Professional Bank Building society that Listen to its customers, Care for the Customers in a way they would not Hang up on you, and Believe in True Customer service, Respect for their customer and the Investigations of an Independent Financial Ombudsman investigation DO NOT Open and account with Nationwide Building Society! There are Many better more Customer care Orientated Banks Building society’s out there !

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