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Hollie's complaint against NatWest

Hollie Price


Awful level of service whilst investigating Fraud & told we can't have our money back!

Complaint against NatWest

Myself and my partner found ourselves victims of a Natwest phone scam around 3 months ago, and since then have been in an ongoing battle to try and retrieve the money that was stolen. The caller said that they were from the Fraud Team and that they were letting us know somebody had tried to take money out of our account. They then told us all of our details, including the last 3 transactions on both our joint and personal account. (We're not thick, it was just a VERY convincing scam as they tend to be!) They then sent a code to our phone and asked us what it was, this they said was for confirmation it was us they were speaking to (a legitimate security feature on several sites) - we would never give out a pin number (just to be clear!) Turns out the scammers used this to take 2 lots of money from the account which showed the next day. After contacting Natwest (multiple branches and over the phone) we were given completely conflicting advice, including one lot that insisted all accounts had been compromised. We had direct debits leaving the account that week and nobody could give us any advice on what to do for the best, or whether the accounts were safe to use. Nobody had contacted us as promised, and after an initial phone call made by us in that first week, on the 43rd day since the report was filed, we decided to write to the bank and ask what had happened. We've been completely misinformed throughout the entire process, and what's more since we received a letter reply giving us a small amount of compensation, we were told the reason we hadn't received any return earlier was because the money was given away to another couple who were also scammed. To date another letter has been sent off and we're about to complain to the Ombudsman. Total lack of customer service.

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