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Adam's complaint against NatWest

Adam Oakley


Natwest refuse to refund personal savings lost to fraud.

Complaint against NatWest

On 28th June 2016 I suffered a third case of fraud within a month on my Natwest account. I lost £9725.00 which was three quarters of my money. I naturally contacted Natwest immediately and was told the money would be refunded later that day. However, later on they called again to say that I should hear whether the money was to be refunded within a week and they then later declined to refund me the money even after several appeals. The latest response that I have had states 'I have now completed my investigation and I agree with our decision to decline your fraud claim and to close your account, which I realise will come as a disappointment to you. We are not legally obliged to explain the reasons for our decision and I would suggest that you now refer to the Financial Ombudsman Service, who can carry out an independent review of your complaint. I've detailed some more information about your referral rights below.' I find this state of affairs ridiculous as I have done nothing wrong and I was the victim of a highly sophisticated method of fraud that involved the card reader and web pages that obviously mimicked the Natwest website. Indeed, the only mistake I made was in not closing my Natwest account after the first and second cases of fraud but I listened to the advice of the Natwest Fraud Team who told me not to. This is no claim of me being negligent which they initially claimed I had been as I took my computer to be professionally cleaned by PC World and I have the receipts which Natwest acknowledge. I have always followed all the necessary steps to ensure that I am safe online. I have taken my case to the Financial Ombudsman and to my local MP and I am awaiting their responses.

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