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[User Deleted]'s complaint against NatWest

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NatWest refused to refund my money that had been stolen and then closed my account

Complaint against NatWest

I went out one night with my girlfriend to tgi Friday and as I only had my savings card with me I wasn't able to pay with it so I had to rush to a cash point across the road and then withdraw £50 for my meal and then return back to the restaurant. I paid successfully not taking notice of where my card was, which I then went home and woke up the next day to log onto my online banking and noticed that large amounts have been taken out of my account, I then also noticed that I didn't have my card, however I last recall having it the day before at the cash point. I contacted NatWest immediately to inform them of what had happened and then a few days later natwest had told me they declined my case as they do not believe someone could just guess my pin, after I repeatedly told them I've never given it out as it was my savings card so I would never do that. They also told me that my account would be closed. In total I lost £1700 bearing in mind I am a student and currently unemployed so this money is highly significant to me

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