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Elizabeth's complaint against NatWest

Elizabeth Ruocco


Use of bank card by a 3rd party

Complaint against NatWest

My uncle had a Nat West Bank account at a branch in Liverpool. About 3 years ago he made friends with a lady in Italy and spent a lot of his time there. Two years ago last February he died in a hospital in Italy from pancreatic cancer. He had looked after his account, card and pin number for many years and was a frugal spender only using a cash point every few weeks. When we closed down his account the staff member in Nat West commented that he had spent frugally until about 3 weeks before his death when £26,000 was spent in retailers such as Gucci and the maximum was taken daily from the cash point. During this time my uncle was in hospital unaware that he wouldn't be coming home. My brother, sister and sister-in-law visited him and suggested he make a will which he refused to do and also refused to give his bank card to the lady (we didn't realise that this was illegal anyway). At that point the family of the lady and my family were made aware that he wouldn't be leaving hospital. We have been in correspondence with the bank asking why the unusual transactions weren't triggered but their replies haven't answered our questions. We have been to the ombubsman but have also hit a brick wall. The bank say they will not answer my e mails, but I would like to meet a senior bank employee so that they can explain why wht they are saying doesn't tally with what is said on the web site and by local bank managers. I have received `information from the House of Commons library via my MP which clearly state when a bank can refuse a refund but none of the points are relevant in this situation. The bank seem unwilling to respond to the points I have made and won't arrange for me to speak face to face with a staff member.

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