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Jonathan's complaint against MCE Insurance

Jonathan Kellaway


MCE wont pay up

Complaint against MCE Insurance

Here's a little tale for you...back on the 3rd nov my bike was nicked from outside my mums...I rang the police gave them all the details etc then rang my insurance firm MCE... remember that name. Now the bike wasn't started cos i would have heard it so it went in the back of a van..even the police said that. Now the fun.....was there a steering lock on the bike?...NO...why not?....there was never one on there ( a vn1500,s steering lock is normally on the right hand side under a stainless cover, but mine never ever had one fitted from the manufacturer ) "okay" MCE i email all my documents to them....clean driving licence, never had any problems with payment off me etc; So anyway today i chase them up on the claim...."tough" they say-"we are not paying you" !!! No steering lock was engaged on the bike!!! WHAT THE HELL !!..... there was never one on there. Hard luck..was the answer So i get in-touch with the insurance ombudsman and tell them the tale. What they have said is " even if the steering lock was on there, if it went in the back of a van it wouldn't of helped". So now this is going to carry on for another 8 weeks or so. Again that's "MCE" folks cheap on quotes as-long as you dont claim. Feel free to share this around the clubs.

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