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David's complaint against Warranties 2000

David Thorley


Avoiding cover

Complaint against Warranties 2000

I contacted warranties 2000 to inform them that my car was being serviced and MOT'd and the during the service the mechanic noted that the wing mirror repeater was faulty. In contacting warranties 2000 for what I believe is a valid claim they told me that it wasn't covered due the the item being discovered during an MOT. I can't see any reference to this in there booklet and in fact it was discovered during the service stage not the MOT. This is a blatant case of avoiding payment of a valid claim. I will pursue this on principle but advise anyone considering buying this so called 'warrant' not to.

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Shahram Narmak | | VERIFIED

To be honest, they were bandits when I bought my car from big motoring worlds, I don't know how they found me, when I was taking out from big ....worlds, they got me out of the car by deception and lies, I paid 500 pounds for this shit, although promised me before the repair my car when I call them, after repair the I claim for money their words changed at all, THEY ARE SCAM AND LIE TO PEOPLE,
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