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G4S/E/1440 (Events Stewarding)

Complaint against G4S

OFFICIAL COMPLAINT – G4S I applied for a position as an events steward, where the job description was (as follows) If you are over 18 years old and have strong verbal communication skills and the right aptitude to working with the public, then this could be the job for you! A friendly, approachable and professional manner in addition to excellent interpersonal skills is key to this role. Flexibility is important due to the various shift times/days; the majority of our shifts are evening/weekends however we do have some work during week days. Monitor crowd movements and behaviour to identify potential issues or incidents and to take action to resolve as necessary. Respond promptly and efficiently to any call made by control in relation to crowd disturbances. Deal with crowd disruptions (sometimes physical removals/extractions) Robust response when required. Body and Bag searches if required. To ensure that the secured zones within the venue remain free of prohibited and restricted items. To follow protocol when dealing with alarms/incidents which require escalating to the next level. You will be responsible for ensuring the safety and security of customers at busy events by providing a high visibility security presence. You will be responsible for protecting the security and safety of the buildings and personnel. You will carry out duties at busy public events ensuring duties are carried out in a professional manner and that the events are safe and compliant. This is more or less what I did in the police for 13 + years, having completed the courses, I am still waiting to get the results of my licence exams (CCTV / Door Supervisor), so please explain in detail – how is it being ex military, ex police warrants an instant ‘unsuccessful’ decision, considering the ATS programme the algorithm should have picked up key words or phrases in my CV. I do NOT have any debts, NO CCJs, NO criminal history, NO cautions, NO outstanding issues. I have a clean licence, a trained police driver, car and motorcycle. I have the right of abode and to work in the UK How can I NOT be successful even to get an interview? It seems that IF the decision was based upon ATS – I respectfully suggest that a human reads my CV and the job description, and then decide how crass the decision is. Moreover , there are NO phone numbers, no address to appeal / challenge / dispute a decision I believe is perverse. Respectfully submitted for consideration.

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