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Daniel's complaint against Your Budget Cover

Daniel Congdon


[LAPSED] Made an insurance claim after 3 years of cover and they want me to pay over £100 before its fixed

Complaint against Your Budget Cover

I've had insurance for my iPhone 5 for about 3 and a half years now paying £6.99 a month, I've never made a claim but over the last few months the battery had started playing up, I continued to use it but last week I dropped the phone getting out the car and smashed the screen. I thought now would be a good time to make the claim and get the battery repaired and the screen repaired. Bearing in mind i had not made a claim in over 3 years I thought it would be a simple process but I received a grilling on why I hadn't reported the battery, how I dropped the phone getting out of the car, why the phone was on my lap when I was getting out of the car, if I was driving with the phone on my lap, where I was driving to and many more. I was eventually told that my claim was accepted and I needed to go online to pay the fee and then my phone would be fixed. I went online to pay and found the fee was £105.92 but my excess was only £50! This is because they wanted me to pay the remainder of my years insurance before I could make the claim. I thought this defeats the idea of insurance! I thought the idea was you pay a monthly fee so that if you have something that breaks then you don't have to pay a big lump sum, obviously not in this case. It would cost me less to take it into a shop and have the screen and battery replaced, after paying over £200 in monthly insurance and never making a claim I thought that trying to charge me another £105 was ridiculous

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