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Martin's complaint against HomeServe

Martin Halls


[RESPONDED] Leaking pipe

Complaint against HomeServe

Reported pinhole leak in pipe in airing cupboard, leaking through light socket in kitchen beneath. Homeserve would send engineer 9am-12. 12.5, eng phoned, would be here in 40 mins.Leak is behind hot water cylinder, he wanted to cut chunk of kitchen ceiling out to repair pipe, rather than remove cylinder-too big a job! Kitchen ceiling is artexed, he said could have asbestos in it, needs checking.unhappy so we phoned again, they sent 2nd eng. who'd obviously spoken to 1st eng, said something similar- would have to mend pipe from beneath "unless we really want them to take out cylinder" that is what we want them to do, they won't. They said they have contacted Rhodar to arrange a test of the ceiling artex. No one has contacted us. We have many water leaks through kitchen ceiling now. We can't have water on for very long because water pours through. Can't do washing,etc. Without running water and kitchen ceiling leaks worsening by the hour, since Tuesday 19th July. Called in a plumber who suggested taking out the cylinder to repair the leak but can't give us a price because don't know how long would take but can't do it until Wednesday! Will be our cost as would taking down part of (or all of, if asbestos present) kitchen ceiling.

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HomeServe Company Representative Here To Help Team | | VERIFIED

Hi there, Thank you for letting us know about this. We are keen to understand what has happened here and will be looking at this further. Our aim is to make your claims journey as easy as possible and I’m sorry if this experience has made you feel let down. If you do need anything in the meantime please let me know via [email protected] Rebecca Here To Help Team

Martin Halls | | VERIFIED

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