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Tracey's complaint against HomeServe

Tracey Denton


[LAPSED] Won't cover my broken boiler

Complaint against HomeServe

I would like to complain about several issues within your company since I joined on 8th February 2017. I will bullet point for ease • I didn't receive a service plan when I signed up to your company by email or by post • I can't remember the exact date but it was early February and my boiler made an explosive noise , it happened a few times over a few days so I called 247 and spoke to somebody who said I would have an engineer booked within 24 hours, 24 hours later and I still hadn't heard from 247 or the engineers so I called 247 again, they chased the engineer up and texted me to say he'd be with me in the next couple of hours , nobody arrived so I called back 247 who once again chased the engineers, also didn't arrive. So 3 days later an engineer came and did a job on the boiler but I wasn't present whilst he was here. • I had to pay the £95 call out charge even though 247 or any engineers did not get in touch with me until outside the 24 hour period ( from googling I found out I shouldn't have to pay that as it was outside the 24 hour period • a few nights later myself and two others were in bed asleep and at 3am an explosive noise from the boiler woke all 3 of us up. I called 247 who said it was just the pilot light reigniting. • I called 247 AGAIN and they argued with me to send an engineer out as my problem was 'a noisy boiler ' • an engineer came out whilst I was home on 22nd February and he said there were 3 problems with the boiler that he could see : He needed a flu manifold, electrodetection and an igniter unit • Luke from 247 called me a couple of days later to inform me that the work couldn't go ahead as you don't cover 'noisy boilers ' I got very agitated with the situation and I honestly don't know why I'm paying the £4.95 a month on? • I advise you to listen to all calls as people are saying different things to me. • I called my bank on 28th February to cancel my service plan direct debit and the bank agreed that I had grounds for a dispute to also get my £95 back • I have just had a call 29th February from Jamie at 247 informing me that there is a £144 cancellation charge unless I restart my direct debit. So I had to restart the direct debit. He said it's in the terms and conditions of my service plan of which I still havnt got. Jamie also asked me to pay £287 as a contribution to fix my faulty boiler which was not what Luke said. • I have had 2 emails from 247, on 23rd and 29th February still no terms and conditions or my service plan. Please can you tell me what I'm actually paying £4.95 a month for because I have had nothing but problem after problem and still have a faulty boiler. I would like my boiler fixed, reimburse me of the £95 call out charge and to terminate this contract with no cost. Regards Tracey Denton Sent from my iPhone

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Lapsed. Tracey has not responded in 90 days

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HomeServe Company Representative Here To Help Team | | VERIFIED

Hi Tracey, Thank you for taking the time to let us know your thoughts. The level of service you receive is of great importance to us.On reading your review this seems out of the ordinary as we do not have a cancellation charge on our policies. Please email us at [email protected] so we can take a further look into this. Kind regards Rebecca Here To Help Team
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