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Peter's complaint against The Co-operative Insurance

Peter Collins


[RESPONDED] Overcharging of insurance premium over many years

Complaint against The Co-operative Insurance

An 82 year-old family friend was having trouble making ends meet so we looked at her outgoings. I was horrified to see a home and contents insurance renewal from Co-operative insurance for £674.15. This is for a small, 2 bedroom maisonette in Bromley Kent. She had been renewing this policy with Co-op since 1993 believing, as many elderly people do, that her loyalty would be rewarded with low premiums. She has never made a claim on this policy. She does not have access to the internet and so I used the information in the Co-operative renewal letter to compare quotes. I discovered that I could obtain similar insurance cover for £81 and that the Co-op themselves were quoting £121. I have spoken with Co-operative who tell me that they refuse to accept any blame for this and that she should have compared quotes herself. This is from a company who state in their renewal letter " ...we are the only UK insurer to have a customer-led Ethical Policy covering a range of issues frpm the environment to human rights and trade justice. This responsible aproach to business runs through everything we do, we make sure we treat all of our customers fairly, openly and honestly." I am outraged that they feel they can basically rob an elderly, vulnerable and trusting person of a major part of their state pension.

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The Co-op | | VERIFIED

Thanks for contacting us about this, please can you contact our customer service team directly on 0370 218 8744? Thanks ^SN

Peter Collins | | VERIFIED

We have - on numerous occassions and the Co-op refuse to accept that they are at fault. How you people sleep at night I have no idea.

The Co-op | | VERIFIED

Very sorry to hear that, Peter. If you'd like to raise this in other areas here's a full list of Insurance contact details; Thanks, ^Sophie

Peter Collins | | VERIFIED

Did you bother to even read my previous comment? We have tried to address this matter with your 'customer services' department for some time. The delaying tactics of unscrupulous insurers such as Co-op is well known - ignore customer complaints and hope that they either die or give up. Our next step is with the Financial Ombusdman. If that doesn't work then the national press will be informed.
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