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Akoola's complaint against Santander

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Complaint against Santander

Many of the Santander branches local to me have closed. I was a student when I opened a 123 account. I have finished university and have been unable to find work. Unfortunately, I ran up an overdraft which while at university and I was unable to settle up in full when I switched my banking to another bank who still operate a branch locally. I received a phone call two days ago from a very nice young lady from Santander to discuss the £1475 overdraft (well inside the greed £2000 overdraft limit) and I assure her that I will make payments every month from my small income. As soon as I find work I will make a concerted effort to clear the remainder of the debt. She told me the account has no charges pending and our discussion has been recorded and I will not hear from them as long as I continue to make payments every month. Because my account is technically closed I was provided with another account detail to transfers money to. Today I received an email to inform me that my account has exceeded the agreed overdraft limit (the account is closed and I certainly haven’t spent £525 since speaking to the lady) and I will be charged daily until I bring it back into credit. The account is frozen and two days ago I was told how much I owed and there are charges pending! I was concerned about this very scenario when I spoke to the lady because I have a very limited income and did not want the bank to compound my financial problem. She assured me that would not happen, yet now I’m facing a £50 fee and daily interest charges! I accept that I am responsible for the debt which accumulated due to not finding work and my having a very limited income. I have never claimed benefits and rely on a very modest pension from my old job (I was a mature student). Unfortunately, my circumstances dramatically changed in the last few months of my university course following a marriage breakdown and I found myself homeless while still attending university. I am homeless and live in a van. I filled out an o line benefits calculator and it appears, despite contributing all my working life, I’m entitled to nothing. I explained all this and the lady was very sympathetic. Now Santander is compounding my financial difficulties!

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