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tony's complaint against Santander

tony auld


complaint against Santander bank, Alcudia old town branch

Complaint against Santander

I have a serious issue with Santander Alcudia old Town branch. Details are as follows, all relevant documentation is attached. • In 2013 my Father, Antony Auld deposited £38,522.50 and £43,790.51 in to my, Antonia Auld and my boyfriends, Anthony Devlins bank account at Santander, Alcudia. I am Antony Aulds Daughter. • He deposited the money as he had no bank account in Majorca, he was looking for a business to purchase at the time and he used my bank account to hold the money safely. • Unbeknown to me and my Father the money has been withdrawn without our knowledge or authority. • My original complain letter to Santander is attached, they replied eventually to this stating that the money had been withdrawn correctly. (Santander reply march 2016 attached) • I asked for the deposit slips which were mailed to me, I asked Anthony Devlin to confirm if he was present when the money was withdrawn. • He replied (email attached ‘santander withdrawal slips’) stating that he definitely didn’t sign slips 1 and 2 (deposit slips numbered 1 to 5 are attached) • I then wrote back to Santander asking them to review the CCTV footage from the date and time of the withdrawal to prove that neither I nor Anthony Devlin withdrew the money. • Santander replied stating that we would have to request a calligrapher, I have responded asking again why they cannot review the CCTV, as yet they have not replied. • Neither I nor Anthony Devlin have made the withdrawals numbered 1 and 2 and this is the amount of money the bank should refunds to my Father (72,000.00€) • Clearly they have allowed someone to withdraw the money from the account without our knowledge or permission and are trying to hide the evidence by not supplying or reviewing the CCTV footage. I would like you to review this case as we are really concerned that the money has been stolen. Antonia Auld

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