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John's complaint against Santander

John Boyes


Frozen Account

Complaint against Santander

On 14th November 2016, Santander froze my current account, but decided not to tell me. At 9am on the day in question I was at a petrol station filling the car when I went to try and withdraw money from my account the machine said my card was not recognised , I was left without the ability to pay for my fuel and promptly telephoned the bank. Having waited almost one hour and passed from pillar to post I was told my account had been blocked but no reason would be given and that I had to visit the branch urgently if I wanted to withdraw money. I explained the situation to the petrol station and promptly ordered a taxi to take me to Santander in Halifax West Yorkshire. I was greeted by lady who after an initial 30 minute wait told me I had been given false information and that no money was allowed to be taken from my account , trying to stay calm but aware of the taxi waiting outside I requested to speak to a manager. Another 30 minutes passed and I was eventually taken to see a lady the front desk told me was a senior manager +++ , +++ gave me various versions of why my account had been frozen all of which were a nonsense , querying payments that had gone into my account which happen on a regular basis and then suggesting a possible atm dispute for another reason. I put it in rather blunt terms to +++ , I had a taxi waiting outside , no ability to pay for it , a car stuck in a petrol station and no way of paying for any of it , she again called Leon in the security team who told her no funds would be released from my account and that I would be contacted once checks had been completed , when I asked +++ if it was a matter of days or weeks she said she was unable to answer any further questions and hurried me out of the branch. At that point I went back out to the taxi , told him the situation and he became very angry and aggressive , to calm the situation down I spoke to the taxi drivers boss and agreed to give him my watch until the taxi debt was settled , I then rang the petrol station and explained my car would be moved once the situation had been resolved , I was told if it wasn’t moved by 7pm it would be impounded by the police. I arrived home at 4pm on the day in question and rang the bank again, I was offered no reason why my account had been frozen and was told I would be written to in due course. I rang again and was then requested to go back to the branch and close my account which I promptly did. I was then able to put right the rest of the day which ended at 6pm last night. Absolutely disgusted, angry and still searching for reasons why. What on earth are you playing at ? a bank I have trusted with thousands over the last year fails me in this way. I would like answers to why this happened and what will be done to put this situation right.

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