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Sarah's complaint against Tesco Bank

Sarah Harrison


Resolution of Accident March 2015

Complaint against Tesco Bank

I was in a car accident in March last year. I was hit by road traffic sign on M74 leaving Glasgow. Due to high winds and the sign not being sand bagged properly, the sign was lifted up from the central reservation and hit the car in front of me. Due to where it hit the car, the sign was then flipped up and and came down onto my car. This occurred in the third lane and I had two lanes of traffic on my inside. I did however manage to get onto the hard shoulder. I duly reported the accident to my insurance company. The service I have received from Tescos has been appalling. I understand that these issues take time in getting resolved however my insurance premium went up £500. I have called several times to get an update on case and have been told that the file handler is not available. To this end I have specified that I wish the file handler to contact me to which I have never received a phone call or update. The accident was blatantly not my fault and I have suffered with the increase in insurance premium which I am due a refund.

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