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Axa car Insurance Review

Fred Isaac

Fred Isaac
Feb 23, 2017

French giant Axa is an old timer when it comes to insurance.  

Last year it celebrated its 200th anniversary (it’s only been operating in the UK since 1994).

Over 10 million Brits are signed up to products ranging from healthcare, travel, life and home insurance to breakdown and investments. 

In this review we focus on Axa auto insurance.

Auto Express ranked Axa car insurance as the tenth best in the country in 2015, with nearly 8 in 10 customers happy to renew their Axa policy.


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How much does Axa car insurance cost?

The cost of your axa car insurance quote will vary depending on a host of factors – from the type of car you drive to your claims history.

The only way to know for sure how much it will cost you is to crunch the numbers and run a comparison online.

In its most up to date rankings of the UK's car insurers, consumer group Which? gave it four out of five stars for both value for money and transparency of charges (Axa's overall score of 63% ranked it 16th out of 31 insurers).

Axa promises “5* insurance from £226” and says that, between May and July 2016, one in ten new customers paid £226 or less. Sign up to the Axa multi-car policy, and you could save a further 10% (there's a slight catch: the registration has to match a car Axa insures already at your address). 

A word of warning: if you sign up with Axa, watch out for the auto-renewal trick. Insurance companies often lure customers in with eye-catching deals, but raise prices when it comes to renewal time. 

In fairness to Axa, it did become the first insurer in the UK to show customers the price they paid last year at renewal time, (but only after relentless pressure from consumer sites like A Spokesman Said). 


Is Axa's customer service any good?

Axa’s customer service is a mixed bag.

In a survey of over 4,300 policyholders, Which? gave Axa four stars for both customer service and its handling of complaints. Its overall customer score, calculated using a combination of satisfaction and the likelihood of customers recommending it to a friend, was an uninspiring 63%.

Brands like NFU Mutual (77%), John Lewis (74%) and LV (72%) all finished higher than Axa in the rankings (last updated in January 2017).

Official complaints data suggests Axa is doing fairly well when stacked up against its closest rivals. 

Between January and June 2016, it received 5,674 complaints, 92% of which were closed within 8 weeks; Direct Line, in comparison, received 23,557 complaints for the same period and Aviva 27,257.

Both Direct Line and Axa have over 10 million UK customers, while Aviva has nearly 13 million.


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It's worth noting that these figures are for general insurance products; Axa does not provide a breakdown of complaints for car insurance. 

Complaints about Axa on A Spokesman Said, highlight difficulties making a claim, unfair price hikes at renewal time and invalid no-claims discounts.

How can I contact Axa insurance?

If something does go wrong, you'll want to get in contact with the insurance provider. 

You can contact Axa online using their website tool. 

However, the best way to get in contact with is to call Axa up.

The Axa car insurance's telephone number is: 0330 024 1158.

Making a claim

And Axa has a pretty good track record of paying out on its motor insurance. 

Between October 2015 and September 2016, the insurer says it paid over 99% of customers’ car insurance claims, with the average payout coming to £2,801. 

You can call Axa's telephone number 24 hours a day on 0330 024 1305. To make sure things go as smoothly as possible, get hold of your policy number before you call. 


Types of Axa car insurance policy

Axa offers two standard types of car insurance: comprehensive and third party, fire and theft.

Both plans come with a range of perks including replacement of stolen or lost keys, replacement of car seats stolen or damaged in a fire, 90 days cover in Europe, courtesy car and access to a 24-hour hot line.

Comprehensive cover, whilst costing more, does come with extra features, such as £5,000 personal accident cover and windscreen repair.

The company does not charge a renewal fee.

Protecting your no claims bonus is an option, but under the policy’s terms, only one claim can be made in a year for this to remain valid.

Other options we like include: £2,500 theft of keys limit and a no claims protection for incidents involving uninsured drivers (more on this later). 

Watch out for Axa's cancellation fees. Even to leave within your cooling off period will set you back £25 and if you're outside you'll have to pay a meaty £52.50. A medical expenses limit of £100 strikes us as pretty feeble, too. 

Axa does offer a raft of optional extras, including: legal cover; breakdown cover; courtesy car; protected no claims discount and personal injury cover.

But these add-ons are, of course, going to cost you extra and before you pay, you should make sure it's something you really need

Which? gave Axa's policy a respectable score of 70%. In other words, it's not going to set the world alight but it's pretty solid.

To compare car insurance deals and save money, use our free comparison tool.

Before you take out a policy, make sure you know exactly what you're signing up for. Axa's website provides useful sample policies


Axa's no claims discount explained

As with all insurance, if you build up no claims discount you can expect to pay less. 

Axa’s comprehensive insurance cover comes with the uninsured-driver promise. If a driver without insurance causes damage to your car, you will not lose your no claims discount.

To make a claim, you need to get hold of the other car’s make, model and registration number.

Top Tip: If you have four years’ no claims, you can protect your no claims discount, which means you can make one claim in a year – or even two in three – without losing your discount. Be warned: this doesn't mean your premium won't go up if you make a claim. Your no claims discount will stay but you'll have to pay more at next renewal.

 This is because you’ll still have a discount, but it will almost certainly be on a higher premium simply because you’ve made a claim

The add-on also means fire or theft, broken glass and replacement treatment won’t affect your no claims.


Do Axa do breakdown cover?

Axa do offer breakdown cover as an optional extra.

The options are:

* Roadside from £49.99
* Rescue from £69.99
* Rescue and Home Assist from £84.99

As you would expect, the more you pay, the more you get.

Axa boasts it repairs 75% of vehicles on the roadside and offers a 24hr rescue line all year round. The company operates its own network of garages and repair vehicles. 

Top Tip: Go through the T&Cs with a fine tooth comb to see what you’re covered for. Look out for limitations, such as age restrictions on cars.


Last year 65% of customers didn't switch their car insurance to try and get a better deal.