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When is Black Friday and where are the big money saving deals?

Robin Bowman

Robin Bowman
Nov 16, 2017

Black Friday is now very much part of the consumer calendar in the UK.

Imported from the US, it’s that crazy day when retailers boost their footfall by offering basement bargain buys – some of them discounted to hard-to-resist prices.

This year Black Friday is on Friday, November 24.


Are there real bargains or is it just a stunt?

There are usually some real whopping bargains offered by most stores taking part. But after these one or two bonkers bargains, you may have to dig around a bit to find the best buys.

Generally, though, if you’ve had an eye on a big ticket item, this is the day to make your move because it may be discounted.

This year things look especially promising because retail sales are down across the board and the shops are hoping to whip up excitement now in the run up to Christmas, which is when they make their big profits.

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What happens on Black Friday?

Those stores taking part offer cut price deals, sometimes on individual items, and sometimes across a whole range of goods. They often compete with one another to offer the biggest and deepest discounts to get footfall (lots of people into their shops).

Some shops announce their discounts before the day to ensure people are lining up outside when they open their doors. Others just announce a general price cut.

Why is it called Black Friday?

Well, it’s traditionally held on a Friday and it’s called ‘black’ because it’s when shops hope to move into the black, ie, start making a profit.


Who’s taking part?

The following stores have announced they’ll be taking part in the bargain bun fight.

*Currys PC World
*Disney Store
*La Redoute
*New Look
*Reebok Store


Tips for bagging a bargain

  • Plan ahead

Don’t leave everything until the last minute. See what’s on offer, and what you want to buy and work out whether the savings are good enough. Compare with other outlets and see if the price really is that good. 

  • Stay focused

If you want to save the most, it’s best to go into the store with a set item or items in mind, having done your homework. Don’t be sidetracked, just focus on what you’re there for.

  • Go early

If you want to avoid the mad scramble, get there early (really early if there are huge bargains on offer that will attract the biggest crowds), and get in line. That’s what the dedicated bargain hunters do, and if you want to join their ranks, you’ll have to do the same.

  • Avoid ‘doorbusters’ – the headline deals

Unless you really want to get into a few elbows in your eye and a kick or two in the shin as you fight your way to land a real rock bottom bargain, then don’t go for the hugely discounted items designed to act like a magnet on customers.

Focus instead on something you really want that’s been discounted to make it an attractive buy to you. 

If you do go for the crazy bargains, remember there’s usually only one on offer and the odds of you getting your hands on it are going to be small.

  • Keep cyber Monday in mind

Retailers, flushed with the success of Black Friday, have now added Cyber Monday to the shopping calendar – it’s the Monday after Black Friday, so this year it’s on November 27.

If you’re shopping for electronics especially, you might find Cyber Monday offers the better deals.