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Broadband, Pay TV, landline and mobile –  Here are the companies offering the WORST service … and the BEST

Robin Bowman

Robin Bowman
Jan 19, 2018

When you select a supplier for broadband, pay TV, a mobile phone contract or a landline, you want to be checking out three things.

Price, what package is on offer, AND what everyone else thinks of the service.

After all, a great price won’t mean much if you have to spend hours on the phone complaining.

Ofcom, the industry watchdog, keeps tabs on the number of complaints each provider attracts – and it tells us loads about the kind of service you can expect. 


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Remember, as we always say, it’s not how charming the company is when you sign up that matters, it’s how they deal with you when there’s a problem. That’s what counts.

The latest figures from Ofcom show that when it comes to broadband, TalkTalk is named and shamed as the topping the league of customer complaints.

The ranking is worked out by comparing the number of complaints per 100,000 customers.

The Post Office had the most complaints for landlines.

And Vodafone tops the complaints hall of shame for mobile.

BT remains the most complained about Pay TV provider.   

Jane Rumble, Ofcom’s Director of Consumer Policy, said: “We’re shining a light on how different providers perform, and it’s clear many need to up their game on service quality and complaints handling. 

“People expect high standards from their providers, and companies must put their customers first.”

It’s important to note that the Ofcom rankings only take into account the complaints the watchdog itself receives, not all the others that the operators themselves receive and are never taken further by customers.


Fixed broadband

Sky generated the lowest volume of complaints

TalkTalk generated the highest volume of complaints

The figures appear to show that BT’s complaint volumes were lower than Plusnet’s. But due to the different ways operators compile their subscriber figures, BT’s performance may be comparable to Plusnet’s.


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Sky generated the lowest volume of complaints

Post Office HomePhone generated the highest number of complaints.


Pay-monthly mobile

Tesco Mobile generated the lowest volume of complaints.

Vodafone generated the highest volume of complaints per 100,000 subscribers.

Vodafone's main complaint driver was issues related to billing, pricing and charges followed by complaints handling and faults, service and provision issues.

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Pay TV

BT is far and above the most complained about TV provider – the main reason, ironically, is that customers are most unhappy with the way complaints are handled.