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Car insurance is heading for £900 a year

Simon Clark
Jan 19, 2018

The average driver is now paying a whopping £827 a year for car insurance – and it’s set to break the £900 barrier this year.

Prices have gone up 23% in the last two years.

It means they’re edging towards the record £858 that drivers had to pay in 2011.


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Teenagers are worst hit, with 17 to 19 year olds facing average premiums of £2,000 – and 18 year olds paying most at £2,200.

Even traditionally "safer" drivers over 60 are being hammered.

Motorists aged 65 to 67 have seen their premiums rise by around £60 – a 13% rise since a year ago.

Over 60s still pay least at an average £460 a year. But the figure 10 years ago was under £300 a year.

The new figures were collated by insurance analysts Willis Towers Watson from more than 6million quotes.

Added to fuel price rises of 0.5p a litre for petrol and 0.7p for diesel this month, it means motorists are facing a costly year on the roads.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: The answer to rising premiums is to switch and save money.

Stick with your insurer out of habit, gratitude or laziness and you’ll pay the price – their price.


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