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Why having a sat nav can push up your insurance premium

Matt Clark
Jan 31, 2018

In 100 yards you have reached your destination…and added a few bob to your premium by using a sat nav.

Buying one of the seemingly helpful gadgets can push up your car insurance because insurers say it will make the car more attractive to thieves.

It feels like yet another excuse for walloping motorists, just like:

Having the name Mohammed: Admiral is accused of charging up to £1,000 more than someone called John.

Using a Hotmail address: Admiral (again) says you’re more likely to cancel a policy, have an accident or make fraudulent claims.

Having stickers on your car: A 75-year-old vicar was threatened with having her policy cancelled for affixing slogans "Christ Must Be Saviour" and "Christ For Me" on her car.

Holy inappropriate, in our opinion.

There’s plenty of other weird things that can drive up the cost of your car insurance. Read our guide here.

And don’t forget: The number one way to save on car insurance is to avoid loyalty and switch!

To cheer you up – especially if you’re the [email protected] and you got a sat nav for Christmas – here are five other disastrous sat nav moments:

1 Pupils from Orchard Lee Junior School in Fareham, Hampshire, missed their trip to Henry VIII’s historic palace Hampton Court in West London because sat nav took them to Hampton Court, Islington – right next to Highbury Corner tube.

2 A driver had to be pulled clear by a tractor after obeying the instruction to drive up a farm track marked No Through Road in Crackpot, Yorkshire.


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3 Captured bank robbers (no, not insurers) were sent down for 12 other raids after police found the addresses of other banks they'd raided stoed in their sat nav.

4 A  truck driver from Syria drove his 32-tonner to Gibraltar Point, Lincolnshire, instead of Gibraltar – a 1,600-mile detour.

5 A group of friends from Gloucestershire heading for a cross-Channel shopping trip drove to Lille, Belgium, instead of Lille, France.