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Customer of 20 years finds out they have been overpaying for insurance

Nic McBride

Nic McBride
Apr 19, 2018

After 20 years of loyalty to his car insurer, one man was rewarded with a premium that was more than twice what he should have been paying.

Stephen Allison, from North Yorkshire, couldn't believe it when he received his last premium. 

"I had been with Churchill over 20 years and [they] quoted me £560!"


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Stephen went on A Spokesman Said and got a better quote of £260.

And he is not alone. 

A Spokesman Said asked our community of savers to tell us how much they had saved by switching. 

Below are the stories of real people, who have made real savings. 

Whether it's £50, or £500, you'd be mad to miss out on savings like these: 


Colin Dodsworth switched two years in a row. 

"Thanks to your brilliant service I've saved over £400 over the last two years. Once again, many thanks." 

Why not see how much you can save on your car insurance


Margaret Holyland was so happy with her insurance saving that she decided to switch energy companies too. 

"I renewed car insurance last November at a good rate, thank you. I am in the process of changing energy supplier from British Gas to SSE on a better deal. It is supposed to save £200 a year. 

"Thanks for such a good working tool." 


Nigel Pountney looked elsewhere, but A Spokesman Said beat all the rest. 

"I switched from More Than to Hastings Direct using your site and I saved £92. 

"So easy and a brilliant service, tried other sites as well but not one saved me as much as you did, a massive thank you." 


Suzzanne Lambert said any saving is a good saving.

"I changed our insurance after using A Spokesman Said and saved £50 on our car insurance, although this doesn’t seem a lot every little helps, as they say. 

"I shall be using the site again as our house is shortly due for renewal." 


Great savings on home insurance

It's not just car insurance where A Spokesman Said can save you some cash. 

Ray Barratt, from Lincolnshire, saved over £100 by switching home insurers.  

Sarah Librowski, from Bedfordshire, got herself a nice little saving of £58. 

Lisa Jenner, from Essex, saved a massive £465. 

She went on to A Spokesman Said and realised that she had been caught out by her insurer's auto renew. 

"I saved over 50%!" Lisa told us. 

"Had been lazy and letting my house insurance auto renew! [My premium] was over £900! [It's] now £435! Thank you. 


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