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TSB chaos! Customers’ accounts blocked as financial details leaked online

Robin Bowman

Robin Bowman
Apr 23, 2018

Hundreds of thousands of TSB customers have been locked out of their accounts following a botched routine upgrade over the weekend.

One customer is reported to have been mistakenly credited with £13,000 that wasn’t theirs, others said they could see the details of other customers’ accounts.

Laim McKenzie, 20, from Paisley in Scotland said he signed into his banking app shortly after 6pm on Sunday and saw someone else’s account as well as his own.

He said: “A substantial amount, £13,000, which is a lot more than I have!"

“I got back into my account again at 7pm and it showed that nothing was in my account at all - not even my overdraft was there, just showed as 0.00"

"I was absolutely worried when I saw what was going in my account".

Laim now plans to switch banks because of problems he had with TSB this weekend.

He added: “[I feel] pretty uneasy to be honest, if it's happening to me does it mean it's happening to my family/friends as well?

“The fact TSB weren't offering valid replies wasn't much help for a lot of people, because lots were worried but weren't being told what was going on."

"You don't mess with people’s money, because it's how people get around, pay their bills etc - not knowing what's going on with it is a really uneasy feeling."


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Twitter storm

Many customers took to Twitter to complain about issues, including being unable to log into their internet banking accounts, being unable to transfer funds and not being able to make payments


Another customer who said they saw someone else's bank details was Cheryl Millan.

On Twitter Cheryl said: "Went into my @TSB app last night and saw I had nearly a £1000's more than I should have before I could click into it a message popped up saying something went wrong.".

One customer who wishes to remain anonymous said: "Just logged onto my TSB banking this morning to discover I'm apparently $430,000 in arrears on my mortgage... I'm not at all and have never missed a payment. No idea why the sum is in dollars and not GBP either. "

TSB's website was also down this morning, leaving customers unable to check their money online or in the bank's app.

What went wrong?

When TSB separated from the Lloyds Banking Group, it continued to use a shared computer with its former owner while it developed its own.

This weekend it was ready to migrate all customer data onto its own system from the Lloyds one. TSB had already announced there would be some disruption to services over the weekend.

The bank has issued a statement apologising to customers for the chaos.

"Unfortunately, there are some intermittent problems affecting these services.

"Both the app and internet banking should be up and running again soon."



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