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"I haven't had a claim for ten years, but my home insurance went up by more than 45%"

Nic McBride

Nic McBride
May 3, 2018

When Charles Dawson got his last home insurance renewal, he could barely believe what was happening.

"It read like a bit of a con."

The premium on his three-bedroom terraced house was going up from £19.80 per month to £28.60.


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"I saw that and thought that's not too bad. But then I thought 'hang on a minute' and I looked into it."

His new premium was going to cost him £343 per year – up more than £100 from his previous premium of £238.

"I haven't had a claim for 10 years – no circumstances had changed."

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Charles, 58, from Newport, South Wales, had been insured with Dial Direct for three years.

He now questioned if his last premium had been hiked up too.

"I don't think a lot of people read their premium properly – they think it's all fine."

"It's only a couple extra pounds a month but when you multiply that by 12, it jumps up."

Unfortunately, Charles' case is not an isolated one.

As many as 13 million households are being overcharged because they renew their home insurance policies without shopping round, figures from Citizens’ Advice have revealed.

Charles said he was now planning to leave his insurer.

"It's about the only protest I can make – take my business elsewhere and take my money elsewhere."

He couldn't believe he was being ripped off.

"You're not getting a reward for customer loyalty."

Charles was smart enough to figure out he was being charged too much. Are you?

When did you last switch your home insurance provider?

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