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How much would it cost to insure the Millennium Falcon, an X-Wing Fighter, or a podracer?

Nic McBride

Nic McBride
May 4, 2018

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, spaceships were still having crashes.

Flying through an asteroid field or engaging enemy ships is surely going to cause some damage.


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So, just because it's May the Fourth – aka Star Wars Day – we thought we'd share this fun piece.

InsuretheGap came up with a few quotes for some of Star Wars' most iconic spaceships.

A Spokesman Said has also added a few tips for how they might be able to cut their insurance premiums.


The Millennium Falcon

Image: InsuretheGap

The ship that made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parscecs.

It has had only two owners (Lando Calrissian and Han Solo) but will no doubt have quite a few miles on the clock by now.

Being a smuggler is also going to raise some eyebrows in the occupation section.

Given the nature of its use, Han would probably need the equivalent of work-use insurance.

All these factors make it the second most expensive ship to insure.

Tip: Han might struggle to get cheap insurance given all that, but a price comparison never hurts.


The Corellian Corvette – or Blockade Runner

Image: InsuretheGap

Best recognised from the opening scene of A New Hope.

The corvette is a large, powerful ship with a small piloting crew but a large passenger capacity.

It’s the largest ship in in this line-up and as a result the most expensive to insure.

Insurers would also have taken into consideration its precious cargo of both Princess Leia and the stolen Death Star plans.

Tip: The corvette will probably have good defences, so it could be worth seeing what a difference it makes to adjust the excess upwards. It can make a significant difference to your premium.

You need to consider what kind of claim you would actually make – because you’ll lose your no-claims bonus if you do claim.


Slave 1

Image: InsuretheGap

Boba Fett’s spaceship, which he inherited from his dad Jango.

However given it is used for transporting some illegal contents, and has received a lot of modifications - he can expect a fairly hefty insurance premium.

Tip: Strange as it might seem, adding another driver can actually bring your premiums down.

Adding a more experienced driver than yourself with a good driving record is looked on favourably by some insurers.


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Tie fighter

Image: InsuretheGap

Darth Vader’s spaceship, it was involved in an accident that wasn't his fault at the end of A New Hope.

We wouldn't want to be a cold caller ringing up Darth Vader though.

Tip: When your occupation is a Sith lord it is probably going to drive up your insurance. Consider a different title - chefs, for example, receive higher quotes than kitchen staff.


Luke's Landspeeder

Image: InsuretheGap

The cheapest to insure, mostly because it is land-bound and the slowest.

A pretty reasonable price really considering the driver is a 19-year-old moisture farmer.

However, with a top speed of 250kmh, it is pretty quick for a first car.

Tip: Get a black box fitted and it might help bring that insurance premium down for a young driver.


Luke’s X-Wing

Image: InsuretheGap

One of a wide range of rebel spaceships – you might almost consider this like a company car.

Low modifications, but again being a rebel is going be a tough job description.

Plus, we know Luke has already had a major crash on Dagobah which means he is probably going to be making a claim soon.

Tip: Drop the extras. It’s all too easy to keep ticking ‘yes’ to all those extras that are offered when you’ve made your selection.

Luke probably won't need breakdown cover (Given he can raise the X-Wing out of a swamp with his Jedi powers).


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Sebulba's podracer

Image: InsuretheGap

As a racing vehicle it is going to cost a fair bit to keep insured, but nothing compared to those that speed through space.

Classed as ‘heavily modified’ since it’s essentially two engines Sebulba found and cobbled together to form a vehicle.

Podracing is also incredibly dangerous, so Sebulba's insurance rose due to the risks involved.

Tip: Modifiactions raise the cost of your insurance. About half of insurers won’t cover any significantly modified vehicle.

And no, you can’t just do it and not tell them, tempting as it might be: that will invalidate your insurance.


How were the quotes determined?

The prices of each ship's insurance were determined by the make of vehicle and the driver profile – such as age, occupation, according to InsuretheGap.

This is very similar to how quotes are made for our vehicles on Earth.

The profiles took into account normal things such as weight and size, as well as some factors which we had to use some artistic license to assign values to, such as maximum speed in atmosphere.