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One man has saved £2,386 just by switching his energy and home insurance

Nic McBride

Nic McBride
May 9, 2018

Wow, this must be one for the A Spokesman Said record books.

In the space of just three years, Tony Boullemier, 72, from Boughton, Northampton, has saved a gigantic £2,386 through switching.


Your insurer or energy provider might be charging you hundreds more than you need to pay.

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Tony saved an incredible £1,840 on his energy, by switching his gas and electricity from E.On and British Gas to a deal with Octopus.

And he didn't just stop there – Tony has switched his home insurance twice and saved £546.

"It is the loyalty factor – the longer you're with someone, the bigger advantage they take of you," Tony told A Spokesman Said.

"I can't understand how they think they can get away with it."

While this is an absolutely amazing saving for Tony – it's also a reminder of just how much home insurers and energy companies are ripping people off.

Tony was smart enough to switch. Are you?


"Cataclysmic" energy bills

Tony has a five-bedroom house and said they did use quite a lot of gas, but didn't realise just how much he was being ripped off by.

Tony has saved a massive £2,386 by switching insurance and energy providers.

Tony said his energy bills had been "cataclysmic".

"I wish I had the common sense to use price comparison years ago."

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No reward for loyalty

Tony first switched his home insurance back in 2016, after having been with Towergate Insurance "for absolute donkey's years".

He received a premium of £842, but when he used A Spokesman Said he found a far cheaper price of £602 with Intelligent Insurance.

"But then they put it up again."

Intelligent Insurance were asking for £712 - fortunately, Tony was prepared.

"We had no claims in the last year, it's a no brainer to come back to A Spokesman Said."

Tony cut his home insurance to £406 with a deal from Magnet Insurance.

"I'm absolutely delighted."


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Are you getting ripped off?

People like Tony are getting ripped off every day.

A Spokesman Said has been exposing numerous cases of loyal customers who have been ripped off by their insurers.

As many as 13 million households are being overcharged because they renew their home insurance policies without shopping round, figures from Citizens’ Advice have revealed.

One woman was shocked to discover she was paying an extra £465 per year for her home insurance after she let it auto renew.

Lisa Jenner, from Essex, received a massive bill for more than £900.

She went on to A Spokesman Said and realised that she had been caught out by her insurer's auto renew.

"Had been lazy and letting my house insurance auto renew! [My premium] was over £900! [It's] now £435! Thank you."


Charles Dawson, 58, from Newport, South Wales, had been insured with Dial Direct for three years at his three-bedroom terraced house.

His new premium was going to cost him £343 per year – up more than £100 from his previous premium of £238.

That was despite not having made a claim for 10 years.


Bill Hendy, 65, from Bristol, received his latest premium for home and contents insurance at his two-bedroom detached bungalow.

Lloyds was asking for £348.

Bill found a new deal, with the same level of cover, for £155 - a massive saving of £193!