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Could your Facebook posts make your car insurance rise?

Eleanor Newis
Jan 9, 2019

How do insurers use your public social media posts?

The majority of people use social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can like, share and connect with people and content — but how could what you post affect how much you pay for things like car and home insurance?

The insurer Admiral caused some controversy in 2016 when it announced the launch of Firstcarquote, which was a scheme designed to decide the cost of your car insurance based on your social media use.

The policy was designed to look for trends in the posts of Facebook users to identify personality traits that meant the driver would be safe, or reckless.

Admiral was then made to scrap this idea only hours after announcing it, because Facebook found that the company’s use of customer data breached the website’s privacy guidelines.

However, despite this backlash against Admiral, social media might still be being used by insurance firms. But how exactly are they using it?

Will social media affect your premium?

When insurers calculate your premium, they take many factors into account. This goes for when they work out your car insurance, home insurance, even pet insurance.

They might use details such as your job, age, address, and whether you’ve made any claims in the past. The higher risks on your profile, usually the more expensive your policy becomes.

Some insurers say that they don’t use social media as one of these factors. In fact, Direct line for example refuted it entirely, telling Which? that:

‘We do not use social media data in our pricing or risk models. Our insurance premiums are calculated on a wide range of rating factors. The price generated is specific to an individual, based on all of the information provided, how likely a customer is to make a claim and our view of their risk.’

However, if you make a fraudulent claim, insurers might use social media posts to prove that you are lying about where you were at a certain time, or faking an accident. Social media has already been used as proof against claimants in these cases.

As social media dominates our lives further, it is likely to influence premiums even more. To make sure you’re getting the best deal on your insurance, use a price comparison tool like A Spokesman Said, where you can read up on all the best policies easily, and quickly get the deal you need.


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