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Revealed: The cities with the most uninsured car accidents in the UK

Eleanor Newis
Feb 8, 2019


Bradford and Birmingham top the list of the worst areas in Britain where uninsured drivers are involved in road accidents, according to new data.

This study, which took figures from 2017, found that there are five hotspots in the UK which have the highest number of accidents involving uninsured motorists.

Residents of Yorkshire and the Humber’s Bradford West are twice as likely to be caught in a collision with an uninsured driver than the national average, according to the numbers from the Motor Insurers Bureau.

More than 80% of insurance claimants who reported an accident caused by an uninsured driver in Bradford West sustained an injury, and nearly a third of these collisions involved male uninsured drivers who were under the age of 22.

Outside of this area, four of the top ten constituencies with the highest number of collisions where at least one vehicle was without insurance were in Birmingham, in the West Midlands.

Three locations in the North West of England were also in the top ten hotspots. These were Blackley and Broughton, Bolton South East and Manchester Gorton.

In London, the highest number of collisions with uninsured drivers was found to be in Edmonton.

None of the 229 areas in the East Midlands, the North East of England, Scotland or the South West of England and Wales had higher than average figures for this.

In fact, numbers published by the Ministry of Justice in May revealed that more than 70,000 people had to have court proceedings brought against them in 2017 in England and Wales because they were keeping a vehicle that didn’t meet insurance rules.

This is an increase of 11% in only three years, making this a worrying trend in the UK.

Nick Robbins, who is the chief public affairs officer at MIB said: ‘We estimate there are one million uninsured drivers on our roads that kill and injure thousands of people every year.

‘We want drivers to consider how they’d feel if it was their parent, child or sibling whose life has been significantly changed because of someone’s reckless decision to get behind the wheel of a car without insurance.

‘That’s why this work is so important to use. People need to make the right choice and driver insured.’

With the cost of car insurance rising in the UK in recent years, many people are becoming tempted to risk driving without it. However, this is not only illegal in the UK, but is very dangerous for both the motorist themselves and other road users.

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