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Don't accidentally invalidate your home insurance

Patrick Christys
Feb 28, 2019

Your home is your castle, no matter how small or large. So make sure you’re fully protected.

It’s one thing having home insurance, but if you’ve invalidated it by mistake then it’s no use whatsoever.

Here are the top five things you may not realise could invalidate your home insurance.

Going on a long holiday:

If you’re on your travels for longer than 30 or 60 days, insurers can limit the cover they provide. So this means your insurer may no longer cover the cost for theft, malicious damage, escape of water, frost or accidental damage.

It’s for the obvious reason - if you’re not there for a long period of time your home is more vulnerable and the intruder could cause more damage.

Working from home:

More and more people are working from home now. If you just use a laptop or a phone then your insurance should be fine, but it’s if you have reams of expensive equipment stored in your property that things can get difficult.

Insurers will need to know if you have a lot of work-related technology sitting in the property.

Some insurers may limit the amount of equipment they’re willing to cover if your home is your full-time work place. Make sure you check with them.

Building an extension:

Always inform your insurer of major building works, as these can hugely impact whether cover is provided. For example, your property is more at risk of theft and accidental damage while building works take place.

Having a lodger:

Insurance firms need to know who lives in the property. If you have a lodger, which isn’t uncommon, then you have to let them know.

It’s obviously more risky to have somebody else dwelling in the property - they can cause damage or pose a security risk.

If you make a claim and your insurance firm wasn’t aware of your additional tenant, they could invalidate your insurance.


Yes, trees. While people love to live in the leafy suburbs, nearby trees can pose a risk to the property.

For a start, falling branches can cause damage, but in addition to that, roots can cause structural damage and lead to subsidence and the weakening of house foundations.

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