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Customers vent anger at 24|7 Home Rescue

Patrick Christys
Apr 11, 2019

Here at A Spokesman Said we've been fighting for you again.

This time we're tackling 24|7 Home Rescue, which has a two star rating on our website.

According to their website, 24|7 Home Rescue "is a specialist, nationwide provider of boiler, appliance and home emergency cover for landlords and homeowners".

The company even has a handy 'mission statement' on its website, which reads: "To provide first-class boiler breakdown, appliance and home emergency cover by delivering excellent customer service through best business practices."

It's eerily reminiscent of ex-President George Bush's 'Mission Accomplished' statement after the Iraq War, and we all know how well that turned out.

We've had more than 200 people write in to us here at A Spokesman Said to complain.

Karen told us: "Please if I can just prevent just one person from having to deal with this abomination of a company then I'll be happy.

"In November I made a claim and guess what – I’m not covered by my so called policy so that’ll be £200 to pay.

"No way, I want to cancel. That’ll be £142 to cancel. No way, I want a manager call back and guess what, they’re that inept they can’t even manage to do that.

"Countless ignored emails, false promises.

"I asked for a phone call but, guess what, even that call back never came to fruition. And now when they finally do respond, I get an email advising me that they will no longer correspond with me. Just says it all. The engineers are incompetent, the staff in the call centre are incompetent and so are the social media team who are probably reading this right now.

"So you can ignore my emails if you wish but I am not going away."

Peter added: "Absolutely horrendous experience. The engineers don't show up, when they do they have no idea about boilers, the customer service department promise everything and deliver nothing and the complaints department is non existent.

"Honestly, pay a few pounds more and go with any other company. Worst company I have ever dealt with for anything, ever."

And Peter Thomassen-Clarke also said: "I had cause to complain because I was left out of pocket because their engineer didn't turn up on three separate occasions.

"They completely ignored my compliant and wrote it up as resolved without ever contacting me about it. Very poor attitude."

These are just a handful of complaints, there are more than one hundred on the Spokesman Said site.

And there are loads from the last few months as well, in March, for example, Vicky wrote to us to say: "I want to cancel my policy. Firstly my boiler service never happened, I waited in all day and was told the engineer had cancelled in the morning and I was texted.....I was not!

"Then a few weeks later my boiler breaks told I have to pay 75 quid for a callout...I have a zero excess policy.

"Get my own engineer out, told what the issue is 247 say it's cheaper to go private than with them for the repair...WTF great service as I have had no service or work done can I cancel without penalties."

To give 24|7 Home Rescue their due, they have actually contacted some complainants on the A Spokesman Said website and offered to help.

Have you had any bad experiences with 24|7 Home Rescue? Write into out website.

A Spokesman Said contacted 24|7 Home Rescue for comment and is awaiting a response.

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