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Pet insurance goes down - that's something to wag your tail about!

Patrick Christys
Apr 19, 2019

Pets are a part of the family - in fact, plenty of people prefer their pets to actual family members!

They're always happy to see you, they never complain about the food you prepare for them and they're always good for a cuddle after you've had a hard day.

So, in the same way you care about your car or your household possessions, it's only right that you get them insured as well - go to A Spokesman Said for the best pet insurance deals.

And you really do need to shop around for pet insurance as prices have risen by a staggering 50% in the last 10 years.

But, it's good news for pet owners now though, as costs look to be on the way down...finally.

Average policy prices fell by £2 from £281 a year in 2017 to £279 a year in 2018.

It doesn't sound like much to wag your tail about, but consider this: Pet insurance claims have risen by 75% in the last 10 years, so it's pretty handy that there's any kind of reduction on insurance costs!

Trade body the Association of British Insurers (ABI) says the rise is likely to be caused by ever-increasing vet costs as the sophistication and cost of treatment increases.

But despite payouts rising a worrying number of people still aren't insuring their pets - particularly cat owners.

The ABI says only 1.3million cats are insured compared to 2.8million dogs – leaving the owners of 6.3million cats at risk of having to foot expensive vet bills out of their own pockets.

Joe Ahern, the ABI’s senior policy adviser for pet insurance, said: “There is no NHS for animals, so if you’ve not got a pet policy in place – you risk having to foot veterinary bills out of your own pocket.

"These can often be in the thousands of pounds and vet treatment is only getting more expensive, not less.”


But, insurance aside, it's always important that you feed your precious pooch some good quality nosh.

And A Spokesman Said customers have been getting in touch to express their utter despair at the apparent poor quality of Winalot.

Debra got in touch with us to say: "I have two dogs and they both have quite funny tummies I found that they wasn't to bad eating Winalot and they seem to enjoy it.

"Since before Christmas I've seen a decline in the amount of meat in the packets which has been annoying me ! But this morning took the biscuit when I opened a pouch and it had eight small cubes of so called meat and the rest was jelly.

"I've been getting through the pouches like no tomorrow and this seems to be happening more and more.

"I spend an extortionate amount of money on dog food (Winalot) and expect more meat in a pouch and not all jelly!! It was a beef pouch this morning and a chicken pouch the other morning - lamb always seem to have more meat.

"Just wondering if anyone else has noticed the same issue?"

It turned out they had! Linda wrote to us to say: "I recently purchased a 44 box of Winalot perfect portions from my local supermarket. On opening some of the sachets I have found them to be lacking in meat produce and only containing gravy.

"I have never had a problem before with any of your products ( I have two cats and also a rabbit as well as my King Charles puppy). I have retained the offending sachets and would be able to return these to your department if you so wish."

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