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Which professions make the worst drivers?

Patrick Christys
May 22, 2019

Which professions do you think make for the worst drivers? 

People might say 'plumber' or 'tradesman' because we've all been in that situation where a white van man careers across three lanes on the M1 at what seems like 200mph.

But you're wrong. In fact, the very people we trust to save our lives are more likely to endanger us on the roads - medical professionals. Talk about drumming up business...

Close to one in five (17 per cent) Paediatricians have one or more at-fault claim.

They're followed by Psychiatrists (14.0%) - although I think this is pretty understandable. It's their job to be deep in thought, after all.

'Sorry officer, I didn't see that red light because I was thinking about Margorie's crippling anxiety issues.'

Weirdly, Ushers come in third when it comes to making at fault claims. 

You'd imagine the vehicle damage may be pretty limited considering they're usually driving very slowly and in convoy.

The research also outlined which job professions have one or more convictions for using a device while driving.

Topping the list is Psychoanalysts (4.30%) which have one or more conviction for using a device while driving, placing ahead of Dog Breeders (2.0%) and Pest Control (2.0%).

It turns out jockeys often get caught using a phone while driving as well, which could add a new dynamic to the Grand National.

Professions most likely to have an at-fault claim

  • Paediatrician - 17.00 per cent 
  • Psychiatrist - 14.00 per cent 
  • Usher  - 13.10 per cent 
  • General Practitioner -12.40 per cent 
  • Hospital Consultant - 12.20 per cent 
  • Surgeon - 12.20 per cent 
  • Museum Consultant - 11.60 per cent 
  • Radiologist - 11.50 per cent 
  • Transcriber - 11.30 per cent 
  • Vicar - 11.30 per cent 
Professions most likely to be caught using a device while speeding
  • Psychoanalyst - 4.30 per cent 
  • Dog Breeder - 2.00 per cent 
  • Pest Control - 2.00 per cent 
  • Jockey -  1.80 per cent 
  • Architectural Surveyor - 1.70 per cent 
  • Chimney Sweep - 1.70 per cent 
  • Promoter - 1.70 per cent 
  • Art Restorer - 1.60 per cent 
  • Heating Engineer - 1.50 per cent 
  • Courier - 1.50 per cent 

Anyway, the point is that your profession matters a lot to your insurer.

It can give an indication as to how likely you are to have an accident, as the above research shows.

Personally, I'd like to ring round all the UK-based insurers, tell them I'm a bomb disposal expert going on a race day around Silverstone in my own car and see what price they quote me.

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