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Students at risk of theft start university without contents insurance

Fred Isaac

Fred Isaac
Sep 20, 2016

As university students prepare to fly the family nest, alarming research suggests many will be arriving for fresher’s week without the right insurance.

Young undergrads flush with laptops and bikes are seen as easy pickings by thieves.

In 2015 students took an average of £2,150 worth of items to university, according to research by M&S Bank.

But although more than one in five students were a victim of crime last year, 49 per cent of those who had belongings pinched had no insurance at the time. 

Criminals are most likely to target students when they are still settling in to university life, with four in ten thefts occurring between fresher’s week and the end of the first term.   

A YouGov study of over 1000 students who lived away from home found a shocking 45 per cent don’t have any insurance whatsoever.

With one in ten students taking items – laptops, phones and bikes, for example – worth over £4,000, there are fears young Brits are heading off to university without proper protection against theft.

Practically every student took a mobile phone (94 per cent) or a laptop (92 per cent) with them to university last year, while one in five took a bike.

Throw in games consoles, cameras, iPods, tablets and e-readers and it’s not hard to see why students are a magnet for thieves.

Victims face having to fork out hefty sums to replace gadgets that go missing.

M&S report that 14 per cent of those who had been a victim of theft reported losses of over £500, with the average student losing £257.01 worth of belongings.

Paul Stokes, Head of Products at M&S Bank, said: “In a digital age, students are moving into halls or student accommodation with an ever-increasing amount of tech like smartphones, tablets, laptops and TVs, which can often add up to thousands of pounds in value.

“It all means that ensuring all your belongings are sufficiently covered against damage or theft is absolutely vital.

“Students may well find that their possessions are already covered under their parents’ existing home insurance policy, so it’s worth checking this out before paying for separate cover."

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